Expats, legal and financial issues

Temporarily living in the Netherlands and struggling to find your way in our over-organised country? 'Rechtuitgelegd' means 'correctly explained' or 'your rights explained'. I can help you with practical advice on many legal and financial issues in the Netherlands. I lived abroad for several years myself and I know how helpful it can be to have a 'guide' or 'helpdesk' for all kind of questions on rental agreements, bank accounts, insurance, etc. My specialisation lies in legal and financial issues, but I will be glad to help you with any other questions you might have, for instance about public transport, schools, doctors etc.

The fee for private individuals is € 55 per hour. However, we can also agree on a fixed fee, no cure no pay, maximum charge etc. 

Interested? Give me a call or send me an e-mail. I will see how I can best meet your needs. 

Marjolijn de Vries-van Gogh
e-mail: info@rechtuitgelegd
T 0180 - 63 43 83


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